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Okay, people, here’s something that most of you probably don’t know about despite the fact that it’s the best makeup I’ve ever touched ever in my whole life, especially considering that they have the perfect colors for homestuck cosplay.

Graftobian Makeup.

It’s glorious. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything after a minute or two of it being on, goes on super easy, has super rich colors, and comes off pretty easy. It’s designed for use on stage under super hot lights, so it’s hard to sweat off once you powder it out. It can smear a little bit, but you’ll have to really scrub your hand on something to make it come off on that. It also won’t run if you do sweat under it, so no makeup in your eyes or ruined designs! It’s also non-toxic, so if you want to use it on your lips, go ahead. Just don’t eat it out of the tub because frankly it tastes like chalk. What I’m showing here is a small sample of the hundreds of colors they have available. I did a swipe with my finger, then two swipes with a dry brush for each. I only ran my finger around the makeup two to three times to get that result, same with the brush, though I reloaded it between swipes. The second picture is my arm in different light after using one makeup wipe. There’s a little bit of residue left, but it came off with a bit of water and a washcloth, though my skin is a bit red from the scrubbing. (Now, only about twenty minutes later, it’s back to normal) I’ll name them down the left collumn, then down the right. Be warned, I’m white as toilet paper, so it may look different on your skin.

The quarter ounce containers are about an inch and a half across and about 3/4 of an inch deep. The half ounce containers are two inches across and a bit more than half an inch deep. The eighth ounce containers are about an inch across and about half an inch deep.

-88111 Creme highlight- medium highlight. Comes in a quarter ounce container. 

This is that whiteish spot and line near my wrist on the left. It’s really nice for lightening areas like under your eyes or if you need to emphesize darker areas like wounds. Just blend it out into your skin and it will make the wound look darker. It also blends super well so you can use it to lighten other colors. One of my friends has super pale skin and ran out of her foundation right before a play, so she used this and it looked perfect. There’s a light peach tint to it, so don’t use this as a white.

- 88105 creme foundation- warm bronze. Comes in a half ounce container

Again, this feels super nice and comes out exactly like the name would have you think. I used a bit of this while doing some bruise makeup and it added a lot of depth. It’s a good foundation for someone with really tanned skin.

-88119 creme foundation- old age. Comes in a half ounce container

This came with my old age makeup kit and is a grey-peach color. It’s great for using on the edges of wrinkles, though not on my pale-as-fuck skin. I’ve only used it once, and that was to loan out to someone else.

-88076 creme foundation- ruddy rose. comes in a half ounce container

I don’t know of anyone who has skin this pink, so why it’s a foundation, I will never know. Anyway, it’s a great light pink for lips or eyes, or if you just use a dab, for blush. It looks super cute and looks very girly and young, so if you’re doing lolita or something, consider this for your lips.

-88114 creme foundation- fair olive. comes in a half ounce container

You have to look close for this one, but it’s down at the bottom of the left collumn. This is what I use for my foundation because it’s closest to my skin, and I’ve used it on stage about ten times for full face coverage and I’ve barely made a dent in it. A little goes a long way with this brand!

Now moving on to the righthand collumn

-88192 lip color- nude. comes in an eighth ounce container

You can’t really see it, but this one has a bit of a shine to it. It’s near the color of my lips even though it looks a bit brown in this picture. This one was the hardest to put on, but it’s a very thick lip coloring, so it’s to be expected. Even then, it wasn’t that hard to get on. This once looks a bit more peach than the ruddy rose foundation, but other than that they’re very simular.

-88095 creme blush- rose

It looks a litte bit orange here, but it’s actually a super bright pink. It’s super vibrant and even though it says it’s a blush, I use it for my lips more often than not. It goes on super easy with a brush and is really easy to wear for long periods of time.

-88079 creme liner- plum

My camera sucks, so it looks a bit more brown, but it’s more purple than it looks here. It’s still a very faded purple, but it’s great for eyeshadow or liner. It could be used for anywhere, but for realism, I’d reccomend there. I also used this one for bruises and it looks super awesome!

-88042 creme liner- dark purple. comes in a quarter ounce container

This one looks really accurate in the picture. It’s a super rich dark purple. This one would be perfect for an Eridan or a Gamzee, though it’s closer to Eridan to be honest. The richer colors go on a bit blotchyer on dry skin like mine, so you may want to use a moisterizer first or use more than one coat.

-88029 creme liner- forest green. Comes in a quarter ounce container

Nepeta. Nepeta Nepeta Nepeta Nepeta. It’s a super awesome green color and it looks just as they name would imply. Again, it goes on a bit blotchy, so use the same advice from the dark purple.

-88034 creme liner- deep yellow. Comes in a quarter ounce container.

It would show up better on a not-so-pale part of my arm or with a better camera, but this is a great honey mustard yellow. I use it on the edges of bruise makeup to give the illusion that they’re healing, but it would work great for a sollux.

-88107 creme foundation- egyptian. Comes in a half ounce container

This one is a foundation for darker skin tones, but since I don’t have that, it doesn’t get much use. I only use it for wrinkles, bruises, or eyeshadow/liner, but it would be wonderful for a Tavros.

-88082 creme liner- maroon. comes in a quarter ounce container.

To be honest, this one is my favorite color of the ones that I have. It’s a super rich dark red, so it’s perfect for lips. It could also be great for adding some gore layers, though I’ve never tried that. It’s also the best Aradia color I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, that’s all the Graftobian makeup I have. I’ve ordered three more colors, so I may put up an additional review once those come in. If you have any questions, ask me or go to graftobian.com to look at their full stock of makeup. If you want to see what a certain color would look like on lips or something, ask and I’ll put up a picture as soon as I can. Sorry for the long post, I just thought this needed to get out there.

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